May 02, 2022

Limitless: National Youth Summit on Statistics

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Ready to take a dive? ๐Ÿณ


UP Statistical Society

proudly presents

๐ŸŸ LIMITLESS: National Youth Summit on Statistics! ๐ŸŸ

Co-presented by
Analytics Association of the Philippines
Silvanas Las Pinas
Bangs Prime Salon by Tony & Jackey
T&J Salon Professionals

In cooperation with
Jergens Philippines
Caronia Philippines
Biorรฉ Philippines
BRTC Philippines
MegRhythm Philippines

After its two-year hiatus, UP StatSoc is excited to once again hold LIMITLESS โ€” a student-run conference on Statistics for high school students, college students, and young professionals from different parts of the Philippines!

This two-day summit tackles various fields of application of Statistics, which will enrich the participantsโ€™ understanding of its value and scope, and inform them of their potential career paths in the said field. This year, Limitless will be held virtually for the first time with the year’s theme: Diving Deep into Data. ๐Ÿฌ

You may sign up FOR FREE at:

For inquiries, you may contact Jake (0947 418 3838) or Joaquin (0949 359 2504). You may also email us at

To stay updated, follow us on Facebook ( or Twitter (

Also brought to you by
Philippine Survey and Research Center

Major Organization Partners
DLSU BSS – Behavioral Sciences Society
UP Variates
UNESCO Club UP Diliman
UP Circle of Entrepreneurs

Minor Organization Partners
UP Organization of Business Economics Majors (UP OBEM)
UP Organization for Shiftees and Transferees
UP Travel Society
Google Developer Student Clubs UP Diliman
Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers – UP Student Unit, Inc.

Special thanks to
UP Design Core
Model United Nations – University of the Philippines – Diliman
UP Astronomical Society

Our Media Partners
Monster RX93.1
Green Giant FM
Tiger Media Network
Twist TV
Edge TV Philippines
Rank Magazine
Gadgets Magazine
Now You Know
Explained PH
Network of ISEF Alumni – Philippines
SIDHI Mentorship
Coach Boost Gio

Endorsements by
UP School of Statistics
DATOS Project
Philippine Statistical Research and Training Institute

Join us on our descent as we explore through the hidden wonders of data and Statistics! Sea ๐ŸŒŠ you there!




<a href="" target="_self">Coach Boost Gio</a>

Coach Boost Gio


As a compassionate motivational speaker specializing personal finance topics and game streamer, Boost Gio has positioned himself in a career that can be explained in one phrase: โ€œserving others.โ€ Devoted advocate for elders, and businessman/woman, He has given without counting the returns, since 2010. Supporting the less fortunate as volunteer. As well as organizing charity events to give value to them. Boost Gio is a certified life coach under The Life Coach Training Institute in Manila, Philippines. A satellite life coach training community from Dallas, Texas. As a life coach, he uses professional expertise and his personal experience from challenging situations in the past to boost elders and businessmen. Helping them leap from comfort zone to courage zone. He is committed to his clientsโ€™ personal and professional goals.


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