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Starting in May 2022, any piece you submit for publishing on our website will be regarded and branded as a ‘contributor article,’ and it will be free. By signing up as a contributor writer, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

[1] Your post must be niche-related or fit into one of the following categories:business,cryptocurrencies, health and life insurance, gadgets and technology, food and lifestyle, and personal finance.Other intriguing pieces may be accepted for publication at the publisher’s discretion.

[2] Your essay must be an original work that has never been published before (electronic or printed). Plagiarism and copyright infringement are strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.
When quoting statements, relevant source citations must be used. Original or non-commercial photos must be attached (as indicated in free photo-download sites such as freepik,, or

[3] Your article must not contain generally agreed-upon illicit, pirated, or prohibited content, such as links to pirated-content sites, pornographic materials, vices, or gambling, among other things. As a result, you agree to hold the publication harmless from any potential legal liability or damage arising from your submitted article.

[4] Your essay should provide value to our publication while avoiding overt promotion or advertising of your products, services, or affiliations. With this, we’ll only allow one (1) link to your website or affiliation in the author byline, with the typical “no follow, no opener, no referrer” rel values. All additional links are discouraged unless they refer to content from well-known websites.

[5] You irrevocably transfer and assign all rights related with your content to the publication when you submit it; however, the author byline will be published to credit the source and the aforementioned link. The publication of articles having anonymous authorship is prohibited.

[6] Coach Boost Gio has the right to revise your submitted content as needed, refuse publishing, or remove it from publication at any time, with or without warning.

[7] By submitting your article, you acknowledge that you are not a member of the Coach Boost Gio team and that you are not a part of the digital platform. You don’t get a cut of the revenue generated by adverts and affiliate links if you do this.

[8] Finally, Coach Boost Gio maintains the right to amend or replace these terms and conditions at any time [last updated: 01 May 2022].

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