June 29, 2022

Ex-Lovers can be Friends?: Relationship 101

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Happy Pride Month!

Some of our fellow LBGTQIA community have their notation of being friends with their ex-flame, whether labeled or not, official or unofficial or just friends with benefits, and not exclude our straight our friends too.

The Past

Some of us believe that our Past is our way to what are our Present and Future. Without our past, we will not get to where we are now. In relationships, the past can be a lesson, to test you and what I like the most to build us.

Break up in a Relationship

There are people, events, situations, and mutual breaks up. Breaking up with someone you love is devastating, and depressing and can cause lower self-esteem of a person. Some people can deal with breakups in a few months, but others like me can take years or almost endless before they can move another stage which is moving on.


Friendship is based on trustworthiness, commitment, and being present no matter the distance. The usual setting start of friendship may it online, offline, work or non-related encounter, get to know, just like any start of any relationships. On contrary, can a past flame be friends? that’s ultimate question that everybody is asking about.

In my point of view, depends on the situation because one person may approach it as platonic but how about the other person. Oh well, it is a major decision if you still want to stay friends with your ex-lovers.


No matter what the decision you made regarding being friends with your Ex. Keep in mind that there’s always a positive or negative impression of it. Be ready with risk that you will take it.

I’ll see you next blog! 🙂


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