October 19, 2022

Betrayal & Trusting You

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Started as strangers,

Getting to know was a challenged.

All along thought there was something

but reality I was never your priority.

Friendship was not established,

Did my best to work for it.

When nobody behind you I was there,

It hurts me because for you I was invisible,

Worthless, powerless, and my honesty was not recognized,

Instead of loving, caring and appreciating me correctly,

You look for other person.

I understand, love you unconditionally and care,

Even though I knew I’m last to your list.

One day I woke up that you are in love with my friend,

I never knew that’s how brutal of me,

I accepted everything even l knew it a waste of time,

Both betrayed me that all I do is to help and be there as a true friend.

Now, pain was unbearable to the point I want to take my life,

Luckily, I have a partner whose right there behind me,

She never fail to love, care and accept my flaws,

She always tried her best to heal wounds,

Deep wounds but it continuously to heal our love and acceptance.

As I realized, you never heal the wound that you inflicted,

Better to let you go as you always do,

Freedom from you, never to go back, it’s too much.

Bye forever!


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