August 08, 2022

2022 Cosplay Carnival, Here I Go!

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It was 30th of April, when I attended the Day 1 of Cosplay Carnival at SMX Convention Center in Manila. This will be the 1st cosplay event I’m attending since the lockdown started last 2020.
We, me and cousin, arrived at the SMX as early as 7 o’clock in the morning to line up in the entrance and wait for the opening. And even that early, lots of cosplayers and attendees were there.

After the staff verifying our tickets, we entered the hall and roamed around. One of the fun parts of this event was there were activities like Coplay Con-quest, where the staff will give quest paper with different store logos and will have to visit each one of them and have them stamp on it. Each store will have given you a quest before stamping on your quest paper. And after completing it, you will receive a reward. We finished the quests on the morning and received quite a lot.

After lunch, we enjoyed visiting around the booths, they were selling merchs, foods, props, costumes, and lots of things. Wonderful artist were selling their art works, I bought some photo cards from one of them.

Afterwards, we took a break as we stayed near the stage and had a great time on the program they prepared. They have Cosplay Karaoke, Dance Duet, Cosplay OTP, Trivia Throwdown, Auction and many more. And ofcourse, I never miss to took photos with the amazing cosplayers in the area.

It was definitely an exhausting yet wonderful day for me. I am looking forward for the next Cosplay Convention.


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