June 30, 2022

OMNIVERSE: Seeking New Worlds

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Remarkable speakers will be invited to discuss the three sub-topics, namely: Ascent: Uncovering the Truth, Utopia: Augmenting Possibilities, and Arcadia: Innovating Solutions.

The first sub-topic is entitled “Ascent: Uncovering The Truth”. This sub-topic will focus on how algorithms work. In computer programming terms, an algorithm is a set of precise instructions designed to solve problems. Ascent in the title refers to the upward motion of knowledge-gathering, while uncovering the truth in the title pertains to how algorithm is defined, how it works, and what are perfect examples of algorithms.

The second sub-topic is entitled “Utopia: Augmenting Possibilities”. Engaging in Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the focus of this sub-topic. How endless the possibilities are with Artificial Intelligence? What are these possibilities and prime examples of artificial intelligence that humans utilize on a daily basis? The word utopia means paradise or someplace where problems are non-existent. Augmenting possibilities in the sub-topic title means that possibilities are ever-expanding thanks to artificial intelligence.

Last on the list would be “Arcadia: Innovating Solutions”. Problems are being countered with solutions, and most of the time, something works out. However, being stagnant would be the end of human civilization because progress must be perpetual in order for humanity to keep ongoing. With Sustainable Marketing as the focus, this topic will be tackling the different ways it can be innovated. The Green Movement is one, but what are the other paths that could be taken in order to achieve sustainability, especially with regard to marketing. This is why Arcadia, which means a place of pleasure, peace, and unmatched progress, is included in the title. Innovating solutions basically means improving the existing data, systems, and ways of addressing problems in order to make them more potent and revolutionary.

Given that the digital world is becoming a larger part of our culture and society each day, it would be important to gain knowledge of the elements and attributes that comes with and within it, to become up-to-date on the current trends in technology, and of course, to keep on progressing on problem-solving because human civilization is built upon innovation.

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