July 11, 2022

Fraud and Identity Theft: Thy Can Happen to You

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Although identity theft and fraud are a constant worry, they become even more so around the holidays. This time of year is the absolute best for identity thieves. Because people lose their sense of security and stop making the necessary efforts to defend themselves, identity thieves can almost act on a whim. The syndrome of “It can’t happen to me” affects a lot of people. till it actually does happen to them.

After their identity has been stolen, they are unable to enjoy the holidays because they must deal with contacting credit card companies, credit bureaus, lawyers, and who knows who else to attempt and rectify the issue. An identity theft problem can take years to solve. Save yourself a lot of BS and begin protecting yourself as soon as possible.

Don’t assume that credit card information and numbers are the only things that can be taken. Hacking into your computer can provide identity thieves access to your private data. Do not believe it is impossible. If you can think it up, someone has already done it. No element of your life is untouchable, and you should very well keep that in mind. Identity thieves are seeking new methods to get private information, whether it is by searching through your trash, pocketbook, mail, or computer.

Everything you do can be tracked and is vulnerable to fraud and identity theft. Someone out there knows you better than you do, and if you don’t safeguard yourself against identity theft, it will happen to you, I guarantee it.

Yes, that very well may be true, but would it surprise you to learn that your identity may have already been stolen? I can already hear it: “Yeah, but my credit is in the toilet. No one in their right mind would want to take my identity, they could never get anywhere with it.” Illegal immigrants enter the country, buy “new identities,” and are thereafter able to get credit cards, a new social security card, and a driver’s license. What source do you think these “new identities” come from? Yours was stolen!

You may never be aware that someone else is using your name as long as these illegals continue to live under the radar, make their payments on time, and refrain from being greedy. Realize that nothing is private now.

Scams come in many shapes and sizes. Never reply to emails that request private information. Any business worth their salt won’t email you asking for sensitive information. The only persons who will email you asking for your private information are those who are dishonest and intend to destroy your credit.

So, if you shop online and are required to enter your credit card information, ensure that the websites you are on our secure and do not disclose your information or make it simple for fraud and identity theft to occur.

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