June 14, 2022

2Pro’s First Webinar on Digital Marketing

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2Pro, a group of fourth year marketing students from the Polytechnic University of the
Philippines – Manila, will host their first ever live webinar entitled “Ready, Set, Launch! A Journey into the Digital Marketing Space” the 18th of June 2022, from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

The event aims to discuss the influence of the Gen Z culture and market on the current digital
marketing approach of brands, which is specifically prevalent on social networking sites such as Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram by participating in fun trends and challenges. Moreover, people who belong to the Gen Z batch is estimated to be up to 40 million of the Philippine’s population and is considered as the biggest segment of our country’s occupiers. This statistics proves just how big of an impact Gen Z has on our market. Having knowledge on their influence
will greatly bring much benefits to us as future marketers. This topic and more will be discussed
by Mr. Allan Galvez, current dean of the College of Business Administration and Accountancy of
Jose Rizal University.

This webinar also aims to discuss the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization and Search
Engine Marketing or SEO and SEM. It is highly important for our future marketers to understand
how to optimize search engines for the brand they are going to work with. Added to that, with
the booming of digital platforms, SEO and SEM are a great way to increase online traffic. It is also found that Filipinos spend an average time of 10.27 hours surfing the internet using various devices. This means to say that, as a marketer, there is a higher chance of your promotions to
be seen by the netizens during the hours of their browsing. This topic will be explored further by Mr. MJ Marquez, who is currently working as a full-time instructor at Rizal Technological University.

Aside from interesting topics on digital marketing, the event will also feature amazing performances from their roster of talented performers who are also students from the PUP
College of Business Administration. Expect impressive presentations from MANTRA PH, an alternative indie pop-rock band, Ms. Alliah Jean Lagulao, a vocalist with a clean yet strong and powerful vocals and 2Pro’s very own Mr. Miggy Rubenecia.

Exciting games are also prepared during the event to keep the attendees hyped up. Prizes will
also be provided for the winners of the mini games. E-vouchers from different sponsors will also
be disseminated to all participants of the event. In total, 2Pro is expecting to have around 400 participants both in the Facebook live and Zoom meeting.

The webinar will be live streamed on 2Pro’s Facebook page via Facebook Live, with exclusive
participant access to the Zoom meeting, however the event is open to marketing and business
students, fresh graduates, entrepreneurs, and anyone who is interested to learn more about the
digital marketing space.

Check out 2Pro’s Facebook page for the registration and mini games as we countdown before
take off

See you on the 18th of June, adventurer!

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