April 18, 2022


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young businesswoman holding box personal belongings about leave office after quitting job
Young businesswoman holding box of personal belongings about to leave the office after quitting job

Have you ever had a moment of doubt about yourself while you are doing something, and you had no idea what to do to stop questioning your abilities? Have you ever walked out from something or completely disappeared in the picture because you felt there’s nothing in there that pleases you?

“I quit!”

Most of the time, we are not ready for it. But it happens. Yes, you! If you’ve been in a situation like this in the past, let me tell you that you’re not the only person who knows exactly how hard it is to sometimes just give up on the things that mean “life.”

To quit is defined as to stop from doing something, to give up or resign, or simply to cease or discontinue. Quitting does not mean anything like these: stopping because you’re no good, resigning because you are not competent and not excellent, or leaving because you don’t belong. There is no negative connotation attached to it. Quitting is not for the weak. The definitions do not suggest that one is a failure when he chooses to quit.

While giving up is not an option to some, we sometimes feel that it is the only thing left that could offer us a perfect solution – be it in the form of resting our case or just trying something different or something entirely new. Subconsciously, quitting becomes a source of hope. Yes. Quitting becomes our salvation.

There is no such thing as a worry-free obligatory quitting. When one sees quitting as a solution, it doesn’t follow that this person is ready for a hundred more quitting in this life. The truth is, to some who’ve experienced it, there is really no getting used to it. The higher the number of occurrences hits, the more it leads to frustration or anxiousness.

Sometimes, quitting is accompanied by fear of the unknown. And this makes it more difficult than we can imagine. There is a trade-off between letting go of your present situation and being forced to dive into a completely unknown future. Who said it’s going to be simple? Not many. Because the next step could possibly be just a relatively bothering time spent in bed with yourself for days, if not months or weeks.

These are some of the things we hear from people who have been victorious in their own battles. But little do these people know that it will not help those who are only trying to be good at something, even just at quitting. While they intend to motivate, they end up making a person feel worse about the situation. People who’ve fallen completely into some severe ego traps are useless in this fight. Because the truth is that, not everyone has the ability to perseveringly fight. To some of us, the easiest way to deal with things that don’t work is to stop – to stop wasting efforts and to stop pretending that things will be better off in time. So, let it be. It’s what they feel is right.

Does it matter if you can’t finish anything? Maybe yes. But to you, maybe it doesn’t. Maybe, to some, it’s impractical. But to you, maybe it is just the price you had to pay for learning something substantial in your life. Our stories make the difference. Our reasons for quitting are worthy of our appreciation because these reflect who and what we truly are – brave hearts! The lessons that come after are what we reap from it. These are the essentials.


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