June 03, 2022

PUP Department of Economics and ECONRES holds its 1st Research Capacity Training
with the theme, “Aanhin Niyo Ba ang Research?: A Research Capacity-Building for
Economics Scholars”

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It’s research season already! Research has always been a huge challenge for every college student. The PUP Economics Research Society (ECONRES) is here to cover the much-needed research training.

With an optimistic vision to cater quality education to economics scholars, the PUP Department of Economics, since 1987, has made it its mission to shape scholars that are academically competent, socially aware, and technically skilled. The event reflects the vision and mission of PUP DE, which is supported by the ECONRES, the official student organization of the department. 

To diligently pursue the needs, ideals, and attain the goals of the whole economics student body, ECONRES is holding its 1st Research Capacity Building with the theme, “Aanhin Niyo Ba ang Research?: A Research Capacity-Building for Economics Scholars” on June 7 and 9, 2022, 1:00-5:00 PM, via Zoom Video Conferencing. 

The organized event aims to aid economics students who are interested in learning more about research by providing them high-quality research training to produce quality academic papers that will surely contribute to the academe and to the economic progress of the country.

Two prominent speakers who specialize in the event’s theme will grace it. On Day 1, Mr. Dominic Vincent Ligot, CTO and founder of CiroLytix Research Services, will talk about the Introduction to Data Analytics. The 2nd day will be graced by Mr. John Alexander Fellizar, a Research Professional from Ipsos in the Philippines. He will talk about Excel Data Analysis Training. 

The event organizers ,Christian Jay Villanueva, expresses: 

In ‌ Economics, datasets tell us different stories, it gives us insights on how to objectively view a certain issue and give the ‌ policy implications addressed to the sectors concerned, so that improvement could foster. 

But how do we exactly start from scratch? That is what this event is offering to its economics scholars. We’ll be learning how to collect, process, treat, and analyze data and learn the basics of Excel Analysis Toolpak. With this, we can emphasize the importance of research in understanding our economic realities.

Thea Alteres also adds, “The goal of the organization is to develop and to foster the economic research skills of its members. The event aims to equip us with knowledge and skills needed in undertaking high quality research by providing relevant training. Economics constantly exposes them to data and information; so it is vital to have core knowledge of research to take on future undertakings and understanding of society. “

A hands-on activity where the participants will learn to collect, process, treat, and analyze data and maximize the use of Microsoft Excel for doing such processes shall follow their talk. By the end of the event, it will equip the economics scholars with the skills they will need in conducting their research papers and future careers and pursuits. 

For more information and updates, you may visit PUP Economic Research Society’s Facebook Page 

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