July 09, 2024

Introducing Angela De Silva: Balancing Passion and Parenthood

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Meet Angela, a wonder woman balancing solo parenting, marathon training, and managing three thriving businesses. Angela’s journey is nothing short of inspirational, as she seamlessly blends her love for running and crafts with raising two young kids.

In 2021, she launched Mighty Adventurers, an online store with a mission to inspire children to grow into appreciative, happy, and content individuals. At the heart of this venture is a personalized storybook she wrote and was illustrated by another mom. This special book features kids as the heroes of their own adventures, surrounded by supportive animal friends. The story emphasizes the love and support of family, resonating deeply with parents and guardians. 

Mighty Adventurers quickly captured hearts, earned a spot on local TV, and became a beloved gift to kids.


Two years later, in 2023, Angela’s passion for crafts led her to start MA Prints and Beyond, a business catering to the printing needs of businesses and events. This venture sparked another idea, giving birth to Komunitee.


Komunitee offers shirts and accessories but with a deeper mission. Aiming to be a hub of creativity, a launchpad for artists, and a megaphone for important causes, Angela’s vision for Komunitee is to spread positivity, inclusivity, and environmental responsibility through every product and message.


This year, Angela is juggling these businesses while training for marathons. Her kids are her biggest motivation, inspiring her to set a positive example in everything she does. Angela’s journey is a testament to the power of determination and passion, showing that it’s possible to pursue dreams and be a fantastic parent at the same time.

You can catch glimpses of Angela’s creative endeavors and marathon training on her Instagram and TikTok accounts. Her story is an inspiration for anyone trying to balance multiple passions while raising a family.

Connect with Angela

Follow Angela’s journey of creativity and running on Instagram @runsandcrafts_ and TikTok @runsandcrafts. Get inspired by her posts, and maybe even pick up a personalized storybook or a unique accessory from Komunitee!

On Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok:

Mighty Adventurers – @MightyAdventurers.store

MA Prints and Beyond – @MAprintsandbeyond

Komunitee – @hello.komunitee

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