October 25, 2022

Cryptomind Elites

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We are back at it again Bluffers! Enrollment for our ?????? ? ????? ? mentoring is now open that would take place on ???????? ??,??, ???????? ?,?,?,?, & ??.

Yes, you read that right! We will be holding a 7 days cryptocurrency mentoring all for you guys! Each day is filled with knowledge that will surely be useful to your trading career! We also bring you surprises and new coaches that would surely add up spice to our very own trading course! We did not just add up new coaches, but new topics to discuss as well together with our special Guest Speakers!

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Day 1
Foundation Class

  • Guest Speaker’s Topics
  • Fundamentals
  • Trading Psychology

Day 2
Technical Class

  • Understanding Technical Analysis
  • How To Use And Apply Technical Analysis
  • Essential of Technical Analysis
    -Trendline, Market Structure, S/R, Volume (Vsa)

Day 3 Practical Class

Day 4
SMC Class
-ID objectives of MS
-Elements of SMC
-Trading approach using SMC
-Market Structure
-Choch and BOS
-Supply and Demand
-Premium and Discount
-Trade set ups and Approach

Day 5
Harmonics Class
-Advance Charting Using Harmonics
-Understanding Market Sentiments
-Bell Curve, Dow Jones And Wyckoff

Day 6 Practical Class

Day 7
Risk Management Class by Coach Dynati
-How to Set Up Risk Management

  • Maximizing your Winnings

・Regular ₱3999
・Student (with proof) ₱3499


-Lifetime membership
-Exclusive FB group page
-Exclusive Discord server
-Daily and Weekly live sessions
-24/7 CHAT support from coaches, admins, and moderators
-Learn lots of indicators
-Get access to PDF books and recorded videos
-30-day access to batch live mentoring

<a href="https://coachboostgio.com/author/coach-boost-gio/" target="_self">Coach Boost Gio</a>

Coach Boost Gio


As a compassionate motivational speaker specializing personal finance topics and game streamer, Boost Gio has positioned himself in a career that can be explained in one phrase: “serving others.” Devoted advocate for elders, and businessman/woman, He has given without counting the returns, since 2010. Supporting the less fortunate as volunteer. As well as organizing charity events to give value to them. Boost Gio is a certified life coach under The Life Coach Training Institute in Manila, Philippines. A satellite life coach training community from Dallas, Texas. As a life coach, he uses professional expertise and his personal experience from challenging situations in the past to boost elders and businessmen. Helping them leap from comfort zone to courage zone. He is committed to his clients’ personal and professional goals.


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