June 02, 2023

Chibi Clash Takes CONQuest by Storm with Scan2Win and Play2Keep

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Chibi Clash is rocking the Indie Game Zone at CONQuest this weekend! You won’t wanna miss out on their sweet Scan2Win giveaways and Play2Keep demo at this highly anticipated  gaming festival happening until Sunday, June 4th. Treasure awaits those who dare!

Nestled on the second floor of the exhibition hall, gamers will have a chance to win incredible prizes from the adorable world of Chibi Clash and get an exclusive sneak peek of their game, Clash/Hero. It’s a golden opportunity to learn more about the concept of Play2Keep and be among the first to witness the magic and charm of Chibi Clash!

Chibi Clash are no strangers to the vibrant gaming community in the Philippines neither. Just last year, the team made waves at the PH Web3 Fest, leaving an indelible mark in our hearts. Their booth was a fan-favorite, drawing in crowds of gamers greeted by team members wielding life-size weapon props and treated to free merchandise.

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What is Chibi Clash?

Chibi Clash is a capitivating fantasy gaming universe that weaves together engaging gameplay experiences, a thriving digital ownership economy, and a rich tapestry of lore inspired by adorable games like Maplestory and legendary tales from Romance of the Three Kingdoms. 

What makes Chibi Clash games extra special is the incorporation of blockchain technology and Play2Keep (P2K) gameplay. This means players can truly own the items they earn in-game, like powerful weapons or unique characters. “One of the key benefits of P2K is that we can reward players with assets they can truly own while they are exploring our game, allowing them to embrace digital asset ownership at their own pace without missing out on the gameplay.”

By offering true asset ownership to players, Chibi Clash creates accessible and engaging gaming experiences that bridge the gap between traditional gaming and blockchain gaming.A This unique approach attracts and onboards a diverse audience of gamers who may not initially be familiar with blockchain technology.

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Sign Up for the Clash/Hero Playtest  – Coming Soon!

Exciting news for gamers in the Philippines: Chibi Clash has their sights set on launching their highly anticipated item autobattler, Clash/Hero, in Southeast Asia and the first playtest is just around the corner. Gamers can sign up for early access to the playtest and exclusive rewards during CONQuest. Secure your spot in the inaugural adventure of Clash/Hero!

The first chapter of Chibi Clash begins with Clash/Hero, an exhilarating journey into autobattles and item management! Discover the true potential of your items and forge your path to glory in the upcoming playtest.

Picture intense battles against adorable but formidable enemies, where each round calls for clever inventory decisions to secure victory. With over 50 unique items, you can power up your hero and create awesome synergies tailored to your play style. The best part? You can decide whether to use your items for temporary boosts or keep them as valuable additions to your collection.

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The world of Chibi Clash is filled with lovable characters who will join your cause, or challenge you in battles. Whether you’re in the mood for casual fun or craving competitive challenges, Clash/Hero offers a captivating gameplay experience with strategic possibilities. Roam the rolling hills, engage in fierce battlegrounds, and unravel the secrets that lie within this whimsical world. It’s an endless adventure that will keep you hooked!

To learn more about Chibi Clash or connect with thir team and fellow warriors around the world, check them out at…

Official Website: https://chibi.gg

Discord: https://chibi.gg/discord

Facebook: https://fb.com/chibiclash

Telegram: https://t.me/chibiclash

Twitter: https://twitter.com/chibiclash

YouTube: https://chibi.gg/youtube

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