May 04, 2022

Cebu Travel

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It was an ordinary day for us, last October 2019 it took months until it finally happens. My College classmates and I decided to visit Queen City of the South, Cebu City. I heard a lot of good about the places here, and also it was my dream to visit some historic places in Cebu. As we
landed at Mactan International Airport, the driver that will take us to our destination was already there. The first place we visited was the 10, 000 Roses, located in Cordova, Cebu. We go there in the morning, so we didn’t see the lights of 10,000 Roses. The entrance fee was 20 pesos per head. After our first destination, we got lunch at a local restaurant nearby where the seafood there was
fresh from the ocean, and we spend a lot of time because the food was really good and the amount we paid for our lunch was very affordable.

Metro Cebu has also a lot of wonderful views. What I like most about it is that the traffic is less heavy and there are even days that there’s no traffic at all, also there is ‘kalesa’ that they preserve until these eras. I’m astonished when I saw Magellan Cross for the very first time. We stroll around the places around there, it was just a quick visit because we don’t have so much time and we need to go to our next destination.

(Photo last October 2019 /Magellan’s Cross/@airkeork Instagram)

Sirao Flower Farm

We headed to a flowery place called Sirao, some tourists called it “Mini Amsterdam”. When we go there, we saw a lot of foreigners taking pictures of each part of Sirao. This Garden
has a wide range of flowers located in a mountain barangay just a few minutes from Lahug, Cebu City. If someone going to Cebu, I will recommend this one on their bucket list.

(Photo last October 2019/Sirao Garden/@airkeork Instagram)

The Temple of Leah
After Sirao, we head to our next destination, this temple has an art gallery, museum, and a library and there’s a great view of the city and more attractive scenery as we walk through thetemple. Inside the temple is an amazing staircase with angels that is made up of brass and the Queen of the Temple an almost 10-feet statue with a crown and flower, on the outside, you can see the Metro Cebu, I took a lot of pictures of every architectural design, it was unique an

every part of it is picturesque.

download 1
(Photo last October 2019/ Temple of Leah/@airkeork Instagram)


To the south of Cebu, has pleasing places too and we are all excited to see whale sharks in Oslob, from our Hotel to Oslob we spent around 3 hours. As we arrived there were a lot of tourists, a simple briefing before we hop into the boat. We paid 100 pesos for whale watching. The boat is good for 5 people, it is just a few meters away from the shore you can watch whale sharks or “butanding”.

The other one in Oslob was Sumilon, How I can get over the beauty of this Island? This one is my favorite. Just a short boat ride from Oslob is a wonderful yet small island with crystal clear water and just one resort and some of them also called it a paradise.

(Photo last October 2019/ Sumilon/@airkeork Instagram)

The last destination was Kawasan Falls which is famous because of its beautiful turquoise water, there are a lot of water activities you can enjoy. We just go swimming and had a quick visit.

During our 3 days trip, I really can’t express how pleasurable our Cebu vacation and it was the first-ever trip that I spent with my classmates. So if you’ve been planning to travel to
Cebu, read the guidelines and protocols first before you book your next flight.

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