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What People Says About Me

{A great listener with a good heart and a good soul, he shares his life experiences and generous in giving his time to counsel.
Anngeli Ong
Business Woman & a Writer
{If you ask me how Angelo (Gio) is as a counselor, I wouldn’t know. He has always been a confidant to me: someone who would listen to my troubles without bias. Moreover, you can be sure he listens because the next time I go through the similar thing, I don’t have to tell the story. I’ll just say “the usual” he’ll get it.
Janelle Cabatan
Chemical Engineer
{First time I meet “boost Gio” and also the first time to hear him talked as he was saying: “he was an introvert, as in sobrang mahiyain daw sya…” pero mukhang hindi naman, because he talked with full of confidence and knows what he is saying… which is sobrang amazing, sa age nila achieve na nila yung ganon level. Keep it up Gio & more talk for 2017.
Arlene Lubosana
{"Bum to Boost" is Boost Gio's financial story sharing the 8 Habits, readers will not be sorry. Forever...continue to "Aspire to Inspire" then allow our universe to conspire.Congrats Boost Gio
Dr. Dean Pax
Business Mentor & 5 Time Best Selling Author
{I asked for a casual consultation from Gio seeing how passionate he is with his line of work, just to learn how he started and what keeps him passionate. It was a good learning from his personal experiences and he’s willing to share his learnings too. Kind and good listener! I admire his positive and go-getter outlook. Keep it up and all the best, Boost Gio!
Project Manager
Coach Boost Gio - Coach, Streamer and Speaker

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