May 23, 2023

Bitcoin Pizza Day Celebrates: Technology Adoption and Community Integration

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PubMat Btc pizza day ma 28th

[Baguio City, May 23, 2023] – Blockchain and Bitcoin enthusiasts as well as crypto-curious individuals in the region of Benguet are gearing up to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day on May 22nd and 28th. The event aims to ignite a sense of community and foster integration in the rapidly growing world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Bitcoin Pizza Day commemorates an iconic moment in cryptocurrency history when Laszlo Hanyecz made the first-ever documented Bitcoin transaction for two pizzas back in 2010. This milestone marked an important step in adopting Bitcoin as a viable medium of exchange.

Organized by Lycaon Creatives, Co-Presented by; Bitshare Labs

Powered by;  [Company 1,2 and 3], 

In partnership with the Industry Development Bureau ICT, Department of Information and Communications Technology – Cordillera Administrative Region, El Lote PH, Errand Doers PH, Takopiyaki aka Takomakii, Charriot Publishing, Mastermind Society, Ubique PH.

Community Partners with Social Media Marketing PH, DAO Philippines, AI Network PH, Growth Mastermindset PH, DeFi Philippines, MMS Games PH, Stanible, Howdy Studios, DvCode, Nara Labs, Project Elemento, Pitaka, Crypto Pinas, Shakazulu Gym,  The Round Table, Munchies Corner, Sniff PH, and other organizations

and our Media Partners; The Mega Maxi and  BoostGio,

Bitcoin Pizza Day brings together like-minded individuals, blockchain enthusiasts, and industry experts to discuss the future of cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance, and the impact of blockchain technology on various sectors.

“We’re thrilled to host Bitcoin Pizza Day in Baguio City and bring together a diverse community passionate about blockchain technology, This event serves as a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration, with the goal of fostering a strong and vibrant blockchain ecosystem in the region, as we all know Baguio City aims and envisions to be a fully compliant smart city by 2027, Mayor Benjamin Magalong should definitely check and consider the possibilities within the Blockchain Technology. This event is an essential step towards realizing the city’s ambitions, and we invite you to join us in this exciting journey of exploration, learning, and collaboration.”

 – said Jaydee Rebadulla, Founder of Lycaon Creatives. 

Confirmed RSVP by the Smart City Command Centre, Government of Baguio, Baguio City Police Office (BCPO), DICT – CAR, and various organizations that shape our future Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from thought leaders, gain valuable insights into the latest developments in decentralized finance and explore the potential of blockchain technology across various sectors.

In addition to the informative sessions, participants will be able to enjoy delicious pizzas as a complimentary, paying homage to the historical significance of Bitcoin Pizza Day. Local pizza establishments will be accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment during the event, highlighting the progress made in integrating digital currencies into everyday transactions.

Bitcoin Pizza Day aims to connect enthusiast individuals, startups, established companies, investors, and incubators in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Through networking opportunities and community-building activities, attendees will have the chance to foster valuable connections, spark collaborations, and drive innovation in the local blockchain ecosystem.

The event is open to all blockchain enthusiasts, industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and curious individuals interested in learning more about Bitcoin and the potential of blockchain technology. early registration is encouraged due to limited availability.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Jaydee Rebadulla

Lycaon Creatives

0965 059 7021

About Lycaon Creatives: 

Lycaon Creatives is an organization that specializes in Venture Development, Digital Creatives, and PR/Events. as well as promoting blockchain technology, fostering innovation, and building a vibrant blockchain community. Through educational events, networking opportunities, and collaborative initiatives, Lycaon Creatives aims to drive the adoption of blockchain technology and revolutionize industries across South East Asian Region and beyond.

Lycaon Creatives has successfully launched multiple projects in the blockchain space such as MMS Games, an NFT Games Scholarship program that has more than 70 scholars on board dedicated to helping underprivileged people make ends meet.

Cryp to Learn, a small group chat community of crypto-curious individuals who shares important news and updates, as well as literacy in order to create a crypto-literate community, started as advocacy due to the massive increase of crypto users in our country, in the same year when scams, fraud, and bad actors took place also to take advantage of the growing industry. We initiated this movement in order to help people build their fundamentals and foundational knowledge.

Katipunero Art Guild, derived from Philippine History reminds us of the Revolution that occurred 127 years ago, It also reminds us that revolution has its own timeline and contribution to the timeline of our lives, The guild is also an avenue for traditional artists and digital artists to make a new income stream on their art, we are also disrupting the social norms. As we all knew that most art people are not supported by their family or friends, and they often hear these lines from their family members or relatives “Art won’t put food on the table” and “There are other things that have the sense”

Mastermind Trading Group, is a small team of traders consisting of Traders, analysts, and Watchers who came together to capitalize on the market for short-term position trades in order to make a small amount of income.

And are still continuing to bridge the Gaps of the Blockchain into the real-life world, Join us in revolutionizing Blockchain Technology.

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As a compassionate motivational speaker specializing personal finance topics and game streamer, Boost Gio has positioned himself in a career that can be explained in one phrase: “serving others.” Devoted advocate for elders, and businessman/woman, He has given without counting the returns, since 2010. Supporting the less fortunate as volunteer. As well as organizing charity events to give value to them. Boost Gio is a certified life coach under The Life Coach Training Institute in Manila, Philippines. A satellite life coach training community from Dallas, Texas. As a life coach, he uses professional expertise and his personal experience from challenging situations in the past to boost elders and businessmen. Helping them leap from comfort zone to courage zone. He is committed to his clients’ personal and professional goals.


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