June 14, 2023

7th Metro Finance Congress | Fight or Flight: Vanquishing Financial Shifts and Adversities

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In line with the organization’s advocacy, JFINEX-PUP, in partnership with the Department of Financial
Management under the College of Accountancy and Finance, Polytechnic University of the Philippines will conduct 7th Metro Finance Congress entitled, “7th Metro Finance Congress: Fight or Flight: Vanquishing Financial Shifts and Adversities” with a theme based on the movie, Emergency Deceleration. With this year’s theme highlighting the urgent response to the business and finance industry’s ever-changing landscape, the 7th MFC recognizes the crucial preparation of students through the familiarization of various digitized
avenues and practices for financial management as well as the dynamics of career opportunities aimed at the
new generation of finance professionals.

This will be attended by an estimate of 1,000 Financial Management students at the university and the rest of its attendees coming from partner schools and organizations within the metro., and it will happen from June 16, 2023, via ZOOM Conference Meeting. Official hashtags: #7thMFC





The Junior Financial Executives – PUP Manila is a non-profit academic organization in nature, and it is the
official student-run organization under the Department of Financial Management of the Polytechnic
University of the Philippines – Manila. The JFINEX-PUP has over 1,400 active members making it one of
the biggest JFINEX chapters in the Philippines. The organization always envisions itself to develop and
contribute to the holistic development of its members through various activities carrying the goals of the organization. It also aspires to mold its members to be professional practitioners in the field of Financial
Management, Banking and Finance. For this Academic Year 2022-2023, the organization thrives to go above
on par to continuously refine our ideas and be at the forefront of new development to uphold its legacy to
create a positive lasting impact to its members, the organization, and the whole PUP community and in
different segments of society in the long run.

Contact Person: JENINA S. SALUD
Vice President – Marketing
For more information, check: www.facebook.com/JFINEX.ORG.PUP

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