May 07, 2022

6 Solutions for Identity Theft

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Identity theft is a major concern for both consumers and businesses. It can cause major headaches for consumers when thieves use their personal information for illegal purposes, such as opening new accounts or making purchases. It can also cause businesses headaches when thieves use the company’s information for fraudulent purposes, such as applying for credit or getting a job. There are a number of different identity theft solutions on the market today that can help you fight back against these criminals.

It’s unbearably annoying; you’re going about your business, contributing to society, and providing for your family, and some scumbag is attempting to steal your identity and all you’ve worked so hard for. The good news is that you may try to halt identity thieves in their tracks by using identity theft solutions.

1. Many people used to think that having a wallet full of credit cards, especially gold or platinum cards, was a symbol of wealth. However, we now understand that more isn’t always better. Carrying your cards with you is a real risk, so limit yourself to what you absolutely need.

I don’t even take my cards with me on a daily basis; I just put one in my wallet when I know I’ll be going shopping; this is an excellent identity theft prevention strategy.

2. Maintain a close eye on your credit report. Each credit bureau is required by law to provide you with one free report each year. You can keep a close eye on your credit report if you break that into quarters.

Of course, if you notice anything suspicious, contact the credit bureau right once. My acquaintance just received a bill from a company he has never worked with before. He immediately phoned the company, suspecting that his identity had been stolen.

3. More and more individuals are finding that signing the back of a credit card is a bad idea. Sure, the law says we should, but consider this: if a thief wants to forge your signature, aren’t you making it simpler for them by writing it down?

Write “See photo ID” or something similar on the back of your cards instead of signing them. That is far superior protection to signing your name.

4. For online purchases, just use one card. Use an online payment service like Paypal if possible. Instead of having many credit card numbers floating around in cyberspace, reduce your risk by utilizing only one card or using Paypal.

5. Make sure you receive your letter as soon as possible when it is delivered. Leaving mail in your mailbox invites crooks to steal it and exploit your personal information to steal your identity.

6. Make sure you review your bank and credit card statements every month. This is the most effective method for swiftly identifying a problem. If you notice anything suspicious, notify your bank or credit card company immediately.

There are a number of other possible identity theft solutions that you can utilize to help protect yourself from identity theft. Identity theft solutions range from the obvious, such as not carrying your cards with you, to the obscure, such as maintaining a close eye on your credit report, which is a strategy that I don’t personally utilize, but which has been shown to be an effective method against identity theft. The key to successfully utilizing any identity theft solution is to research it and make sure that it is something that you would be comfortable doing. Some are obvious, such as not carrying your cards with you, while others are a little more obscure, such as maintaining a close eye on your credit report, which is a strategy that I don’t personally utilize.

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