May 06, 2022

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Insurance

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When is the Right Time to Get an Insurance?

If you ever attended one of those “get your insurance” orientations, I’m sure the organizer encourages you to get insurance plan offers or customize a plan based on your income. Though it’s like they gave you everything you need, still think it through. Getting insurance sure is important to secure your family from unforeseen situations but it also matters to choose the right one for your needs.

 Assess yourself. If you are in a family, it is expected to have a contribution in the family income to meet the expenses of the household or any liabilities to pay such as debts, mortgages, and taxes. Might as well seek help from a professional (financial advisor/insurance agent) who can give an evaluation on your insurance needs. This assessment-,  should ensure financial protection for you and your family even after your death.

Budget and policies. Make sure to read the policies of your insurance. If there are policies that are difficult to understand, ask the agent to explain them. Though the price is agreeable, validate that the insurance policy you’re paying includes the coverage you expect. Compare policies between the plans the company offers. You may ask the agent about the plans to confirm what you’re getting and what you’re not. And only get the insurance plan you can afford and covered the things you really need.

 Premiums. When acquiring insurance, be sure, to be honest about your medical history, physical health, and lifestyle. If you did not disclose these, the agent might void your insurance. For they consider these factors when they offer premiums to their clients. For example, people who have severe medical conditions or jobs to be high risk pays more than those who are not.

Claims. After knowing what insurance plan you need, you should also know when you can claim the promised benefits from your plan. Have them elaborate on the requirements you need to submit to them to settle or acquire the benefits of the insurance plans you paid for.

Company. Also, consider the agent or company your insurance will come from. Check their company history, agents, and clients. You can research them on their official website or interview one of their clients if possible. While you work to pay your insurance, it is also wise to be sure of the company your insurance will come from is trustworthy and has the integrity to serve you.

Acquiring insurance is not easy as it seems. Always take time to understand different aspects, from budget, policies, and claims that affect your present and future needs. Paying more for what you don’t need or paying less that cannot protect you in time of need is simply not right. That’s why you should consider carefully and consider before buying insurance whether it’s for yourself or your family.


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