August 17, 2022

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AYC2022 Official Publication

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Living in a world full of uncertainties and possibilities, finding one’s true path could be exhausting. For this year’s 13th Annual Youth Congress, we like to invite you to our year’s event entitled ??????????: ??????? ???’? ???? ?????. A two-day event, starting from August 26 to August 27, given to you by the PUP Peer Facilitators Association.

For several years, burnout, coping mechanisms, and self-worth are all relevant topics being addressed in many places throughout the world. The heavy focus on these topics and their ties to the situation of students makes a distinct and valuable contribution to their health and well-being. For this, we promise to yield new perspectives on interventions to alleviate burnout through the importance of understanding different coping mechanisms and realizing self-worth.

Hold your donkeys and join us throughout this 2-Day event!
Bring it in, bring it in

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Make sure to register from today until the 25th of August!

We would love to see you at this special event and see the wonders and magic in finding your true path. Remember, keep the fire burning!

Co-presented by
SAMCIS, Junior Philippines Institute of Accountants
RTU Peer Facilitators

Brought to you by
Philippine Association of Food Technologists THETA Chapter

Special thanks to
ExplainED PH
PUP Bagong Himig Serenata

Sponsored by
Lushly MNL
RGO Manila
Psych Totes

Also brought to you by

Also brought to you by our media partners
Monster RX 93.1
Edge Talk Interactive PH

Check out our social media accounts for our next announcements as we reveal further details about the events! You don’t wanna miss them out!
Twitter: @puppfa
IG: @puppfa



Publication by: Cornelio Gutierrez Jr.
Caption by: Chierline Mae Ferreras

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Coach Boost Gio


As a compassionate motivational speaker specializing personal finance topics and game streamer, Boost Gio has positioned himself in a career that can be explained in one phrase: “serving others.” Devoted advocate for elders, and businessman/woman, He has given without counting the returns, since 2010. Supporting the less fortunate as volunteer. As well as organizing charity events to give value to them. Boost Gio is a certified life coach under The Life Coach Training Institute in Manila, Philippines. A satellite life coach training community from Dallas, Texas. As a life coach, he uses professional expertise and his personal experience from challenging situations in the past to boost elders and businessmen. Helping them leap from comfort zone to courage zone. He is committed to his clients’ personal and professional goals.


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